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Your daily horoscope: November 16

A new astrological season begins on Thursday, November 22 , when the sun enters fiery Sagittarius. Symbolized by the archer, this energy is curious, inquisitive, and philosophical. For you, Cancer darling, this energy may feel more internal than external — especially when a full moon in Gemini on Friday, November 23 , activates the area of your chart associated with the subconscious.

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Before you jump in bed, refresh your skin with Grown Alchemist Matte Balancing Moisturizer — a lightweight cream that will keep your skin hydrated and energized, no matter where you go in your dreams. Find Aliza on Instagram , Twitter , and her website. By Kaleigh Fasanella. By Leah Prinzivalli. Venus retrograde cycles are good times for creating budgets and financial plans, and for re-thinking our personal relationships. Old friends and lovers may re-appear, perhaps complicating current relationships.

Sun enters Scorpio

We are called upon to deal with relationship issues from the past. Events occur that seem fated or predestined. It can be a real challenge getting close to a lover during this period of time. Unorthodox, experimental, and non-intimate relationships may be favored. Relationships that have been especially challenging may come to an end during this cycle. However, strong relationships will survive it, even if there are a few bumps and bruises along the way. For singles, this is a good time for "eyes wide open" or experimental dating. It is not a time when people recognize the need for another person to complete them, or some people may be questioning whether they are with partners who actually fulfill them.

This period is good for re-evaluating our relationship needs; but, again, major love decisions are best saved for after the cycle ends. Relations with your family may be a little strained. You might want to wait until Venus is direct before you express your frustrations with family members! What you say now may be costly. Furthermore, if you take the time to think about things, your approach to dealing with these issues later after the retrograde is likely to be much more productive. The desire or need for warm relations with family members, or for support and a feeling of security, is especially strong but the path to satisfaction may be hard to find just now.

This is a great time to think about how to improve your home, but not necessarily for going forward with entirely new projects. Relationships with friends and family may be a little strained, or they can be up for review, as these are Venus-ruled areas of your chart. During this cycle, you are especially fond of the life of the home and family. You are more receptive and gentle on a romantic level, and tend to be sentimental or nostalgic now. You may particularly value the aesthetics in and around your home during this period.

If things are out of whack on the home front, you will do whatever you can to create a peaceful and stable atmosphere. Loyalty and sensitivity in your relationships are more important to you than typically. You might focus on ways to earn money in or from your home. This is a calming influence--a time when simple pleasures most appeal.

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This is a good placement for Mercury, as it is the natural ruler of the sixth house. It's an excellent period for sorting out the details of your daily existence. You are inclined to make to-do lists, pay bills and sort out clutter, and to do detail work on the job. Health matters are most certainly on your brain as well, and you could be thinking of scheduling check-ups or busy researching ways to improve your health. You may also show a keener interest in improving your basic skills. Your approach to work during this cycle is pleasant, happy, and logical for the most part, unless you allow worry or scattered energy to enter the picture.

You are inclined to want to learn new work skills, or to improve your skills and output in terms of work. There is likely to be more activity, movement, contact, and communications with co-workers now. You tend to take more interest in organizing your working environment--and this is an excellent time to do so, as you are especially objective and intelligent when it comes to getting a handle on your daily affairs and all of the "little things" that contribute to a feeling of efficiency and competency.

Menial tasks become more prominent. Watch, however, for tension or idle chit-chat interfering with your work output during this cycle. Misunderstandings and delays are more likely. Occurring in your solar sixth house this time, extra care should be exercised when it comes to work, health matters, and daily routines.

Re-thinking the suitability of your job is possible now, but you should avoid jumping to any premature decisions. Work-related mess-ups can frustrate you, or you might need to redo work that you thought was complete. However, you might find that the refinements you make now will be very valuable later. Double- check your work before submitting it.

It's a fine time for researching health and nutrition programs, as well as job skills and opportunities, but perhaps not the best time for beginning all-new programs. It would be wise to be especially clear when it comes to communicating with co-workers and health professionals; or take this time to re-examine issues rather than communicating about them prematurely.

All Mercury retrograde cycles particularly affect you in terms of personal communications in general as well as communications about the past because Mercury rules these areas of your life. Your intuition usually serves you very well, but may not be up to par for the time being. Take care when it comes to presenting ideas, writing letters, and any detail work. You may not be seeing the whole picture. Until November 15th: Mars continues to energize your solar eighth house. This is a less outwardly assertive or aggressive stage for you as you take the time to process recent events in your life and to develop strategies for going after what you want in the future.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

You are more observant than active during this cycle, and more strategic and deliberate when you do take action. There may be an increase in sexual appetite now. It's an excellent period for eliminating wasteful activities. Shared finances can come into focus, and you might feel an increased need to take charge of these matters. This could lead to disputes and disagreements if you are not careful or sensitive in your dealings with others. From November 15th forward: Mars animates and energizes your solar ninth house.

During this period, you are especially enthusiastic and more bold than usual. Some restlessness and hunger for adventure is experienced now. Essentially, you are looking to expand your activities, and you may find that you have a lot of energy for higher studies, travel, or simply new subjects. Negative potentials include being excessively opinionated or getting easily fired up over differences in points of view, or legal fights. See our Time Line Forecast report for a personalized forecast for the year ahead.

Get your unique Personalized Horoscope for the year ahead—over pages long—for a detailed guide to your best days and your most challenging days for attracting love, career success, communication, and more. Know More About Yourself and Others. Try Cafe Astrology's in-depth birth chart reports , relationship reports , future forecasts , and more. Love outlook for the year ahead.

Welcome to Scorpio season!

Max 3 per reply. You can also be over-sensitive about these matters if you feel you are not getting enough appreciation. The coming eighteen months is a period of confidence-building and of expressing yourself in new, exciting, and positive ways. For most zodiac signs, there may be an impression of the unknown. Prepare for upcoming meetings or discussions by doing a little digging. The harder you try to make a point the less likely you are to make it.

Romantic Compatibility Reports. Ideals seem to hold more truth than anything concrete. It may take some time to determine the viability of a certain project or pursuit.

Love and Compatibility for November 16 Zodiac

Today's Cancer horoscope • Daily Cancer horoscope for Wednesday, October 9, Whats in store for zodiac sign Cancer Today?. Nov 16, November 16 Zodiac is Scorpio - Full Horoscope Personality most attracted to the other water signs: Cancer and Pisces as they tend to share.

The good news is that you can bounce back quickly from any problems. Illustration by Rocco Fazzari Credit:.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope November 2018

Your best qualities emerge today: your patience, your warmth, your generosity. You have a kind word for everyone. Any tension that may recently have been affecting a relationship evaporates. What's left over? Just peace, harmony and togetherness. Connect with loved ones and really pay attention to them, using more than just your eyes and ears.

You have an intuitive streak, and it will come out today if you tap into it. Your escapist tendencies are heightened today. You rarely like being pinned down, since you're too energetic for that.


But now, you just want to bypass the demands of your everyday life. So why not claim some alone time? It's a great day to keep your own company and pursue quiet, low-key activities. A tranquil mood sets in today. You're always generous with the people you care about, but now you're especially unselfish. Drawing a bath for your child or cooking a meal for your family -- tasks like these nurture yourself as well as others. This is real emotional balance, Cancer. But today, you're feeling unusually sensitive. Careless words and actions get right under your skin.

It's unlikely that anyone is trying to hurt your feelings, but it certainly feels as if they aren't being thoughtful enough. Try to remember that any remarks that you find hurtful were probably delivered with the best of intentions. Summon that inner strength, Leo.