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Aquarius Traits

Skip navigation! Story from Horoscopes. You can spend a lifetime exploring what makes each astrological sign special. But one really good shortcut is to look at the external forces that exert their influence over the Zodiac. If you take a look at how a sign's ruling planet can affect its personality, certain pairings make almost too much sense we're looking at you, Gemini and Mercury. But you can learn just as much about your sign by looking at its ruling element.

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There are four elements: fire, earth, air, and water. Each element rules three signs since there are 12 signs in the Zodiac , but how these elements affect a particular sign's personality is unique to each sign. For example, Geminis and Libras are both air signs — but you won't see a Gem channelling the air's power in the same way a Libra would.

Aquarius Traits

And once you dive into the signs' ruling elements, brace yourself for some curveballs: Scorpios and Aquarians may discover a side of themselves they've overlooked until now. If you're curious about the deeper nature of your romantic relationship, it won't hurt to consult your and your partner's ruling elements.

Of course, as with anything in the realm of astrological compatibility, take your findings with a grain of salt. In other words, some elemental pairings may be more compatible on paper than they are IRL and vice versa , so none of these theories should be interpreted as hard-and-fast rules. To figure out your compatibility, you'll first need to find out which element you and your partner are: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are fire signs; Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are earth signs; Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are air signs; and Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are water signs.

Ahead, we'll look at each type of elemental pairing and see what they mean. If you have opposing elements This goes out to the couples that consist of either fire and air signs or water and earth signs.

Aquarius Symbol, Planet, Element, and Quality

Horoscope or zodiac signs compatibility love match can also be calculated depending on your horoscope sign. Librans are known for their good taste, elegance and charm. In Western tropical astrology , there are always 12 astrological signs. Aquarius the Philosopher. Water standing alone is magical and dreamy, but without direction, it could leave us spinning in circles without finding our way.

These elements appear directly across from each other on the Wheel of the Zodiac , and they tend to possess very different, if not flat-out conflicting, personality traits. This may sound like a recipe for disaster, but dating someone who's completely different from yourself can be refreshing — and a welcome break from your particular way of viewing the world. It's common for opposing elemental couples to enjoy challenging each other.

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For example, an earth sign will push a water sign to get out of their feelings, while the water sign urges the earth sign to loosen up. If you have adjacent elements Again, you may need to consult the Wheel of the Zodiac to be sure your relationship falls into this group, but adjacent elemental pairings include the following : fire and earth, earth and air, air and water, and water and fire. These element pairings appear next to each other on the Wheel, thus their name.

THE 4 ELEMENTS of the Zodiac Signs

Overall, couples in this category tend to complement each other — they aren't carbon copies, but they aren't completely at odds, either. You may fill a need that your partner was never able to satisfy on their own for instance, an earth sign often provides grounding and perspective to an air sign. In this step 3 of the learn astrology guide to your natal chart, you will learn about the zodiac signs in your horoscope which are derived from the zodiac.

The zodiac is the ring of constellations the sun apparently passes through over the course of a year. This circular path is divided into twelve equal signs. They each compose 30 degrees of the total degree zodiac. They approximately, although not exactly, correspond with the named constellations in the sky. The zodiac is the backdrop or canvas on which the planets are to be seen. For example Mars could have lay in the constellation of Aries at the time of someones birth.

Essentially this means that looking at Mars from the point of view of the earth, the backdrop of stars behind Mars would be those of the Aries part of the zodiac. Similarly, each of the planets have a backdrop to them and depending on your birth time each can lie in any of the 12 zodiacal signs.

Sun Sign Conventional astrology just deals with which constellation the Sun lies in at the time of birth describing distinct personality type linked to the postion of the Sun i. However, a more complete picture is obtained by taking other planetary factors into consideration. Twelve is a number of completeness in the physical world. The Moon makes approximately twelve cycles around the Earth for one Earth cycle around the sun, hence we have the twelve months of the year.

Also in the Bible we have the twelve tribes of Israel who represent all the different types of people who can make up a nation. Infact the number twelve is made up of four lots of three. These are the four elements of matter and the three modes of spirit.

Just as the planets represent different forces, so the zodiacal constellations are like a filter that colour those energies in a certain way. Lets take Aries for example. This is the first sign of the zodiac. It is to do with the season of spring and rebirth after the dormant winter.

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Learn about what Aquarius Zodiac Sign means and how it affects your life. Get complete information about Aquarius Dates Compatibility, Traits and. In astrology, the twelve zodiac signs are grouped into four elements—fire, earth, air and water. Learn what Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Water Signs.

New life is to be seen everywhere, there is hope after the Winter. Aries is essentially about new beginnings about vibrant free flowing energy, indeed it is the first of the fire signs. As the first sign of the zodiac, it is very much to do with innocence and childhood and a slight naievity.

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It is the begining of an adventure. If we look at say Cancer, however, this is a different sign altogether. This is a water sign to do with family, the past, and nurturing and it expresses itself through feelings. Now if we take the planet Mars. If we find it in Aries the flow of energy would be dynamic and uninhibited say for example like an army commander or an athlete or a person with a temper. If we find Mars, however in Cancer, the energy would be more inhibited and would say only surface if a friend or family member was threatened or the energy could manifest in an emotional outburst.

The ten planets taken together can therefore lie in a vast variety of different zodiac combinations. Given this and taking the link between the planetary positions and peoples characters, one can see one of the main reasons why there would be so many different personalities around.

Astrology does not believe personalities are formed solely with the growing process, it believes the fundamental makeup of a person is already there at birth just waiting to be expressed. Traditionally the world of matter was thought to only contain four basic elements; fire, air, earth and water.

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Everything was deemed to be made up of one of these elements. Man would look at nature and see the different elements. He would look up at the sky and see the Sun or witness a forest burning, from this he discerned the element of fire. He would feel the wind on his face and understand the element of air.

He would look at a lake or a river or at the rain and see the element of water.