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Born on a cusp? Please note that dates for the zodiac signs can vary from year to year. To confirm your actual Sun sign, do a free chart here. Today, Venus in Libra and your house of relationships squares off with shadowy Pluto. This could be anything from settling a tired old argument to something a bit more serious, like resolving issues from your childhood that still color your interactions.

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Dig deep and get to the emotional or psychological root of any self-sabotaging patterns. Facing your fears is the first step to true healing. Venus in your playful fifth house puts you in the mood for fun.

But its tangled angle with shadowy Pluto in your intimate eighth house could demand that you spend one-on-one time with a close friend or romantic partner. Maybe you two need to clear up an unresolved issue, or your companion needs to confide in you. Would inviting them along on your adventures lighten their spirits? Family drama?

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Venus in your domestic fourth house is squaring off with intensifying Pluto, and you may feel some anger or tension with a relative, particularly a female one. Resolve the issue once and for all so you can leave it behind you for good. Watch your words, Leo. But talking about people behind their backs leads to bad karma—or certainly a tarnished reputation!

Your regimented sign functions best when you stick to a plan, a routine and a budget.

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These are the prospects of today October 10 in love, money, health and for life in general, with a rating from no stars not the best auspices to five stars excellent auspices. On top of that, there are also do's and don'ts for today. General: Close. With regards to life in general, today carries great auspices. Love: Close.

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As gets underway, there are indications of some tension between you and work colleagues, especially if you have felt overlooked or under-valued recently. Don'ts for Libra October 10 Advice In the coming two weeks there will be more dynamics in your relationship. The year draws to a close with a Solar Eclipse in your zodiac sign in December, which is a very positive sign of a brand-new beginning, in love as in other areas of life. Gemini Flexibility x Imbalance, Shallowness People born under the sign of Gemini are people of many talents and they are able to use their skills in both theory and practice. Capricorn Dec.

With regards to love, today carries great auspices. Money: Close. With regards to money aspects, today carries great auspices.

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Health: Close. Gemini, play your favorite music. Update your music play list and try to find the joy and fun in life. Your flirty side may come out in full action mode. Being outgoing is just your style.

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And this is your time to get attention without being overly extra. Cancer, building a love nest can start with you. You may find it necessary to update your dating profiles in order to be sure to project the impression you want and attract the person that fits the person you are becoming. Leo, sending little cute text messages to your friends and family prior to the new year may be on the to-do today.

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December 30th Birthday Horoscope MORE BIRTHDAYS If Today is 30 The Year Ahead Forecast for December to December If. Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius. Here is your horoscope for December 30, LIBRA. You tend to be a workaholic and it is time to look upon life as a mystery to be lived.

Conversation and highlighting what you are thinking about may also come out in the open. If you're the personal type, and don't want too many people to know what you are up to, be sure to ask questions that keeps the attention off of you and on others instead. Virgo, a present or gift to self may be what you decide on today if you're in a shopping kind of mood.

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Making your home beautiful and cozy can be a wonderful way for you to spend your time. It always feels better when your house is nice and neat the way you like it.

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Libra, you may feel the desire to do something extraordinary or maybe stretch yourself a bit beyond your usual limitations. From going out longer and later than you usually like to do perhaps to spending time focusing on your needs vs another's too. Scorpio, a person you used to know could reach out to you today to simply catch up on old times.